Monday, July 25, 2011

Life, Love and Running

Haven't written in a while, because I'm still really in recovery and not racing. I lost the spreadsheet where I was tracking my running last month. ugh! I know I should have a backup or log my runs online, but the online logs are too freakin' complicated and I never PLAN to get a virus on my computer. Actually, I'm not sure it was a virus, my McAfee didn't find anything. Just got a weird error message on three of the spreadsheets I use regularly and one of them was my beloved running log. However, I'm one running streak number 4 and it is 26 days strong. I'm still running everyday for 2-8 miles and maintaining 20-25 miles per week.

To quote The Cure it's "Hot, Hot, Hot"! Not a revelation since it's July and I live in the South. Some say this year is worse than others, but hot is hot and the heat index is just a conspiracy made up by the government to get us to agree to raise the debt ceiling. Just kidding! I'm really glad I took this year off from distance. I have little to no motivation these days to start my runs. Once I'm out there I'm glad I started, but I'm also glad to finish after 3-4 miles. Tonight I start back on the track. I'm aiming to do another race this fall, but I haven't picked it out yet. I'm going to Maggie Valley for a long weekend in September and I may look for something in that direction. Or maybe this will be the year that I finally get my Wooly Worm Woad Wace shirt!

The condo is getting close to ready for the market. The ugly, ugly housing market! But it's looking really nice and 'must see' will be a fitting description by the fall. Adam is getting ready for the Steamtown Marathon in October and I'm looking forward to the trip.