Monday, November 24, 2008


I haven't run in 3 days. I plan on doing a hill workout tonight but I'm kinda dreading it. It's 50 degrees and overcast. Not a bad forecast, but my body feels beat up. I spent all weekend painting 3 rooms in my place. One room took 4 coats of paint. I was up late two nights and not for fun reasons. Friday night at midnight I went outside to clean the rollers and brushes and it was 18 balmy degrees. I couldn't get any water pressure and just decided to throw away the roller pads and pan liner. The next day I went outside again to clean the rollers and again no water pressure. Then suddenly cylindars of ice shot out of hose and then there was really good water pressure. It was pretty funny. Steam was rising from the water.

Sunday my parents came to help me paint. My place is really too small though and we mostly got in each other's way. I've now hit Walmart 3 times and Lowes once. My goal was to do everything before New Year's. My new goal is to stretch it out thru February. It's starting to look nice though.

I'm expecting this to be a slow week at work and I'm hoping I'm right. Tomorrow night I plan to attend a benefit for the Red Cross which should be a blast and Wednesday night I planned a happy hour for Thanksgiving. I will stay sober Wednesday night. I will stay sober Wednesday night. I will stay sober Wednesday night. I really want to have a good run on Thanksgiving day.

Still no costume for the Dec. 6th race. It's really coming down to the wire. I don't even have a good idea! I don't even have a bad idea. I've been googling on the internet, but really haven't had any luck. I saw something with tinsel that looked promising. I do like shiny things.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

TR Preview

Today I ran the course preview for the Thunder Road Half Marathon. I ran mostly with my friend Janea who I haven't run with in at least a year. She and her bf decided 3 weeks ago after finishing the Dowd half to do the full at TR. They want the special 39.3 medal that you get for running both. LOL!

My friends Julie and Kathleen ran it as well. Julie and I usually run together, but today she was hanging back. Kathleen ran most of the way with us until her knees gave out. Kathleen will be running her first full marathon as well. She was also sucked in by the special medal. Unbelievable that this marketing gimmick worked!

I remember the course being very hilly and tough, but today it seemed bearable. Then again I wasn't racing it. I'm leaning more towards not doing the race this year. I don't think I really want to push it on that course. It is a beautiful course, though. The houses in Eastover, Myers Park and Dilworth are so beautiful. The streets are tree lined and the leaves have all changed colors and they're almost bare. Everywhere you turn it looks like a Thomas Kincade picture.

After spending some time talking with my friends I went home to move everything out of my closet and bedroom. It was not fun. I have entirely too much stuff. I do go through it constantly and get rid of stuff, but it seems to be multiplying on its own! I have so many t-shirts at this point it's absurd. I don't know why I keep them. Why was that ever my motivation for running a race?!

Tomorrow I'm planning to do yoga in the morning, move my dressers (the last of it) and then watch the panthers play. If I can pull myself out of bed tomorrow!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Rainy Friday

Last night's run was awesome! It was a cool night, but once we got going, it was HOT. There were probably 40 ppl at Common Market ready to run when I got there right at 6:30. My friend Cantey showed up which was great because I haven't run with her in a very long time. She was surprised at the number of runners. I'm not sure what our pace was, but it was pretty fast. Two other ladies stayed close behind us. Later they told us they were new and afraid of getting lost. After the run we hung out at the Common Market and I drank way too much. I'm never going to get my butt and abs in shape if I keep that up! But it's the end of the year and there's much to celebrate!

Today I took a day off from all things exercise. I went to the Southern Christmas Show with my mom and a couple of her friends. I wasn't in much of a shopping mood. But I did find some nice wine themed decorations for the kitchen and the worlds strongest catnip toy. Cleo loves it. Not only the toy, but the bag it came in! That is powerful stuff. She rubbed all over it and now her head smells like catnip. I also found a great new running hat. It's a new invention from a small company called Chicadoo. Its similar to a toboggan, but it doesn't cover your whole head so your hair isn't all matted down in the hat. Very chic.

Its currently raining and the forecast calls for storms tonight and then a dry morning. I hope they're right because I don't want to run a half marathon practice run in the rain!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Organized

Its tough to get anything done when you're training for a marathon. Now that I'm finished with the Chicago Marathon its time to get to all those projects I've let fall to the wayside. And did they pile up! I got an estimate today to fix a leak in a wall (been there for 5 years now so it wasn't completely the marathon training's fault that I've procrastinated). So next week my bedroom and walk-in closet will be in complete disarray and I'll be living in my 'living' room. Of course now I want to paint the whole place, fix up the kitchen, update the bathrooms...this could get ugly. But it will be nice to get my place in order and live like a big girl for a change.

In addition to fixing up my home space, I have upcoming races and some training to do. Not a marathon, but I still have some lofty goals. The next race I'll be doing is the Charlotte Turkey Trot. I've done this race 3 of the last 5 years and its a tough race. Very hilly. My goal is to average a 9 min/mile pace. Last year, I was doing ok until close to the end when my hangover got to me. This year I do plan to go to happy hour with my friends the night before, but will remain sober. That's the plan anyway...

My next race will be the Savannah Bridge Run 10K in beautiful Savannah, Ga. The South's Toughest Bridge Run. This will be my fourth time running this race. I set my 10K PR there in 2005 and then beat it in 2007 running a 52:59 an 8:32 pace. My goal this year is to place in the costume contest. The competition is stiff. Past winners have included people who ran tandem in a 'bridge costume' and two cute little girls who ran as reindeer pulling a stuffed santa in a wagon decorated to look like a sleigh. So creativity is key here. My original plan to run as a Christmas Goose was shelved when I went to Party City and couldn't find any feathers or beaks. Not sure how their buyers missed this essential Christmas prop, but it creates a problem for me. There is a Peppermint Peasant outfit that might work, but it's hardly original. I'll have to keeping thinking about this one.

This weekend I'm doing the course preview for the Thunder Road Half Marathon. Not sure I'm going to shell out the $45 entry fee to run a race in my own town, but it is enticing as it doesn't require travel. Last year I set my Charlotte PR on the course and ran a 1:57 and some change. It's tempting to try and beat that this year. But I won't have Tim motivating me this year and that was key last year.

Tonight I'm running with a group through Commonwealth area. It's a tough 4 mile course, but it's excellent training. I pushed it somewhat on a 6 miler last night so I'll be taking it easy tonight. I'm off from work tomorrow so I'll be hanging out longer than normal. And maybe I'll do the midnight 4miler with some of the other runners. l8r